Testimonials | Ulysses


Risk Systems Manager - Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

“Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is a large and diverse mental health trust employing over 6000 staff.   Spread over a wide geographical area and reaching into a number of counties our services are expanding into offender healthcare and community services.   In an ever-changing world it is essential that we use risk management systems that are adaptable enough to meet the changes and are based on sound risk management principles.  We have found that Safeguard meets our needs, retains consistency across the modules ensuring ease of use, adaptability and has a powerful reporting ability.”

Health & Safety Manager – Health and Social Services (a States of Guernsey Government Department)

“The support service provided by Ulysses is very effective and available every day. Having seen other similar systems, I am delighted with the quality and customer support that is available from Ulysses. HSSD has used Safeguard since 2004 and is constantly developing the system to meet the needs of the organisation. The flexible nature of the system ensures that the unique and diverse nature of HSSD is very well supported.”

Health & Safety Support Section - Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

"In order to support sound, evidence based, risk management decisions, it is essential that the process of locating, organising and using information within the organisation to provide the right information to the right person at the right time is enhanced by the provision of a cost effective and flexible solution for electronic service delivery; for us, that solution was Safeguard.

Ulysses Safeguard software is a positive investment in safety, which like all prudent investment opportunities, produces quantifiable returns; the returns for our investment can be measured by improved capture, storage and manipulation of safety critical event data, including collation of statistics and trend analyses. Safeguard has allowed us to tie risk financing decisions more closely to the organisations overall strategic financial goals and objectives by facilitating timely, accurate and comprehensive management information on which to base decisions, more informed decision making, better use of resources and effective monitoring and review of safety critical events."

Head of Corporate Services - County Durham and Darlington Community Health Services (NHS Darlington)

"We have found the ‘helpdesk’ at Ulysses to be of an excellent standard and they are always willing to go the extra mile. We have some examples of times when we have had an issue to resolve e.g. an initial complex report to set up  and the helpdesk staff have resolved the issue round  immediately saving us a great deal of time. In many cases they actually deliver the report and template and do not just tell you what to do. They are always very pleasant and you get the feeling you are their only customer."