Integrated Governance

Ulysses brings together the different strands of incidents, risk, customer care and experience giving a complete picture of risk, patient safety & governance within the organisation.

The Ulysses Risk Management Systems have been successfully implemented with many different organisations over the past 20 years. As well as following formal Project and Change Management programs tailored to each organisation, we have great experience and understand the risks and factors that need to be addressed for successful software implementations. Your data from existing system can be easily migrated to Ulysses. We work in partnership with you to ensure that Ulysses addresses the needs of your organisation.

All incidents and accidents that occur within the organisation are reported via the simple to use on-line reporting system and LFPSE compliant. Our PSIRF module deals with all types of learning responses.

The workflow behind the Incident management system is highly configurable, with multiple levels of escalation, ensuring that Incidents are followed up, and feedback is provided. Learned actions are identified and shared throughout the organisation via dashboards and reporting processes.

Ulysses Risk comprises an organisational on-line risk register, with a hierarchy of corporate, divisional and departmental risks managed at different levels.

The compliance monitoring tool holds evidence for the CQC Quality Statements, with links back to the risk register. These risks could also impact upon the organisation's Objectives defined within the Assurance Framework. Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly compliance audits, both clinical and safety, can be disseminated throughout the organisation.

Ulysses Alerts is used to track alerts issued from external agencies such as CAS, NICE and MHRA, as well as disseminating internal policies and documents.

As the communication process is cascaded down through the organisation, the system fully audits the responses and actions at all levels. All staff involved have access to the on-line system to input their own actions and responses, and the automatic reminders prompt staff to complete within their target dates. The System indicates when all staff have responded and the alert can be closed.

Ulysses Customer Services looks after the day to day management of complaints, concerns, comments and commendations. It shows clearly where the department is up to with each case, and what needs to be done next.

The System is used to cascade information to investigators and with automatic letter generation and reminder functions, Ulysses ensures everyone is aware of the target dates involved.

Ulysses Request for Information deals with the day-to-day management of all types of information requests including those covered by the Freedom of Information Act, Data Protection Act and Subject Access Requests.

The user can quickly record and easily retrieve cases, tailor the recording of information to suit the requirements of the organisation, track and keep up with each request and the target dates, and produce formal letters from the mail merge templates.

Ulysses Litigation manages legal cases from start to finish, tracking events, stages and communications. It handles all types of cases including CNST, Employers, Occupiers liability as well as inquest details.

Potential cases can be highlighted through Incident and Customer Services, and records linked through all the modules to give a full timeline of events.

Ulysses Bereavement supports the services offered by Health Professionals to those that have been bereaved. It takes account of guidance provided by the Department of Health in the publication “When a Patient Dies”.

Linked into the organisation's PAS System, it starts the case so the department is pro-active in its response. Ulysses Bereavement also collects important statistics such as infections, mortuary, coroner referrals, HTA and donation wishes bringing information together across departments. Also supporting the new medical examiner process and outputs the data in the template required automatically.

The importance of the care provided by chaplains is increasingly recognised as fundamental to both care quality standards and positive experience. Ulysses Chaplaincy enables staff to record and plan pastoral care both for individuals and groups, monitoring referrals and outcomes.

Ulysses can be used in situations where there is a high throughput of short referrals, or where individual cases last a period of time with more contact. The unique care notes facility gives a detailed picture of progress for each person.